Alyssa Vickers

Registered Massage Therapist
Pre-natal Massage 

Trigger Point Therapy

Cupping Therapy


Alyssa is a Registered Massage Therapist and is in good standing with the CMTO. Since graduating with honours in 2015, Alyssa has had the privileged of working closely with some outstanding practitioners - Including Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Naturopathic Doctors. Because of Alyssa’s nurturing personality and history in the health field, she is dedicated to give the best care possible to her clients.

Alyssa generally has a therapeutic and rehab approach to her treatments and has worked with a very broad range of conditions – multiple sclerosis, carpel tunnel, headaches, low back pain, overuse injuries and acute and chronic pain. Her treatments have a combination of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, cupping therapy, hydrotherapy and myofascial release incorporated into them.

Alyssa has quite an interest in pre/post-natal massage. She has done additional training in 2016 and has a pregnancy pillow for side-lying treatments.  Over the years she has been able to work with many women before, during and after their pregnancy. Prenatal massage can majorly improve your pregnancy symptoms and your delivery.

In Alyssa’s free time, she enjoys staying active outdoors and at the gym, spending time with her family, and expanding her knowledge of the human body. She plans to add some more modalities in the upcoming months, stay tuned!

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Massage therapy dates back for thousands of year and there's a reason for that! Massage therapy can help treat various different conditions. Some examples include:

Anxiety and depression, Headaches, back/neck pain, sports injuries, overuse injuries, insomnia, fibromyalgia, whiplash injuries and many more!


Alyssa is trained and regularly works with woman during and after pregnancy. Pre-natal massage is completely safe and only minor modifications are necessary. Massage therapy can help improve all pregnancy related symptoms such as low back and pelvis discomfort, difficulty sleeping, swelling, hormone regulation and nerve pain. Treatments are done side lying and treatments are always relaxing!


Alyssa is trained in Myofascial Release.  Various techniques are used to treat the fascial system. Fascia is a complex system that surrounds all structures of the body. Adhesions within the fascial structure can cause discomfort in different areas of the body. Alyssa incorporates myofascial release in all of her treatment.


Alyssa uses Cupping as a tool for Myofascial Release. Plastic or silicone cups with suction are used to break up superficial fascial adhesions and promote local circulation.  She often will use cupping as a secondary tool to her manual techniques. You may be left with some temporary discoloration to the skin.



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